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Where are you from?

I've lived most of my life in pretty/sleepy Oxfordshire but I'm a wild little gypsy at heart and I struggle to keep my feet still. Currently I'm back living in Australia so I'm calling Bondi my home now. But I'm intending to travel the world, one beach at a time!

What do you do?

When I started this blog I was a third year Law student embarking on my Year Abroad in Adelaide, Australia. Since then, I moved back to the UK, graduated and worked several stop-gap jobs before ending up in Environmental Compliance. However, I left all that behind to follow my dream of travelling the world! So here I am, back in the land down under on a Working Holiday which means I work whenever I can, doing whatever I can in order to pay for my round the world trip. I'm sure you'll see me document some weird and wonderful and probably mundane jobs along the way....and hey, if you're on the scout for a new employee drop me a line! ;)

Who takes the photos on your blog? What camera do you use?

I do! Although if they are of me I tend to just grab the boyf - I mean, what else are they good for?! In terms of the actual photo taking equipment, I'm on the go (A LOT) so the pics you see will be a mix of iPhone photos (for those quick and easy snaps) and slightly more professional ones taken with my Lumix GF5. It's a fab little camera - great quality but small and light enough to carry everywhere (when I can remember to take it with me!).

Can I follow your adventure elsewhere?

Of course! You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram or get email updates straight into your mailbox. Just click on the icons in the sidebar to take you right where you want to go!

Erm, I actually have a question that isn't listed.....?

Fire away! I love a chat :)


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