Kuala Lumpur: Part 4

FYI, date night KL style is a pretty darn good date night.

Having exhausted ourselves in the humidity at the Batu Caves earlier in the day, a spruce up and a relaxed trip to the Menara Kuala Lumpur, or the Kuala Lumpur Tower, was exactly what the doctor ordered.

We queued up in strict lines for the train (I think Malaysia maybe the most polite place EVER, who knew rush hour could be so orderly?) and wound through KL just as the sun began to lower in the sky.

We passed the famous Petronas Towers and marvelled at the watercolour sky.

Before reaching the foot of the Menara, the 7th tallest communications tower in the world and the tallest in South East Asia.

We hopped into the lift and raced up 276m to the observation deck (the full height of the tower is 421m) to watch the sun set over the beautiful city.

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Once we'd got our fill of the fiery sun and the hazy golden glow bathing the skyscrapers, we headed off for some dinner...KL styleé.

We pitched up at Jalan Alor (just round the corner from Bukit Bintang) with our mouths watering and our tummies crying out for an asian feast.

We were not disappointed.

Can you tell from Danny's face?

Street food is a way of life in KL and here you'll find the city's biggest collection of stalls and roadside restaurants. From traditional Malay cuisine, to Thai, to Chinese - you want Asian food? You're gonna get it.

We walked the length of the road several times before we finally decided on something and boy, were we happy.

A huge plate of noodles and an iced tea for me. A huge plate of fried chicken and a coca-cola for Danny. 

Two very happy bunnies. 


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