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Kuala Lumpur: Part 4

Right, bear with me on this one. Benefit of the doubt is needed.

A baked cheese tart.

LOL at our faces
Ew? No no no, my friend. YUM YUM YUM.

Despite what our chubby chins might suggest, these cheese tarts are blaaaady delicious!

Throughout our time in Kuala Lumpur, one place that kept popping up was Hoikkado Baked Cheese Tarts. Everywhere.

Originating in Malaysia in mid-2016, Hoikkado has become a KL high street staple and you absolutely have to try it. Inspired by the Japanese island of Hoikkado which produces 50% of Japan's total milk and 90% of Japan's natural cheese, these sweet, gooey, fluffy, crunchy treats are delightful.

If you spot one on your travels (you can find them in Shanghai, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia and Australia), pop in and nab one of these beauties.

They say cheese makes everything better and I couldn't agree more!

After stuffing our faces, we headed into the hot, hot, boiling hot sun.

And before I died from heat exhaustion we rushed to view…

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